Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Denso Hall

The Denso Hall

Denso HallThe Denso Hall was built in memory of Max Denso, a prominent resident of the city who had also chaired the Karachi Chamber of Commerce from 1870-71. A sum of Rs. 9,000 was collected by his friends for the construction of the building, whereas the Karachi Municipality allocated an important site on the fast-developing Bunder Road, as well as additional funds in order to provide the facility of a public hall, reading room and library in an area close to the "Old Town".

The Denso Hall was designed by James Strachan and was built in 1886 in the Market Quarter of the city, and was made out of local Gizri Sandstone. The architecture of the building was a relatively simple design which was Venetian Gothic in character. It employs The Denso HallTudor arches in the ground floor of the building whereas ogive arches are used for the first floor openings. Projecting balconies with carved balusters punctuate the long facade. The building includes an entrance hall, library, reading room and some small rooms on the ground floor. The upper floor is a large hall (60 ft x 30 ft) accommodating about 500 persons and was used for different types of social gatherings. The illuminated clock on the eastern front of Denso Hall was a gift from Rao Sahib Ramdas Morarji.

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